Terms and conditions


Using the services or information offered on digital-life-solutions.com equals the user’s acceptance of the below terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can periodically change, the user having to check the updates each time he visits the website.

Content and copyright

You are not allowed to reproduce the materials that appear on the site without a written permission from Digital-Life-Solutions.com. The services contract concluded between Digital-Life-Solutions.com and its clients gives their clients the right to copy and/or print certain sections of the site (guides and tutorials) only for personal usage, with no commercial intent.

Digital-Life-Solutions.com can, without any further notification or formality and without the need to explain its attitude, to suspend or cease your access to the content of the website or to a section of its content.

Digital-Life-Solutions.com does not hold responsibility, in any situation, for any damage caused, directly or indirectly, suffered as a result of the usage or the ceasing of usage or the lack of regularity in information and services offered by this site.

Orders and requests for price offers

The orders or requests for price offers can be made using the contact forms from the site or the e-mail. The user has the obligation of offering accurate and detailed information regarding the desired project. Digital-Life-Solutions.com cannot be hold accountable under any circumstances for troubles caused due to incorrect or incomplete information offered by the user.

Given the case that Digital-Life-Solutions.com considers a request or order as being incomplete or incorrect, it can ask for further details from the user using the e-mail address that he provided or it can simply delete the request without any further notification.

Final dispositions

All of this site’s users are subjected to the terms and conditions so that its accessing means their acceptance and compliance as stated in this document. Digital-Life-Solutions.com reserves the right to modify at any given time the content of this document, without any prior notification of the user. The changes made are considered to be accepted by the user given the case he continues to use the website after the publication of the changes in this document.

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions regulate the usage of digital-life-solutions.com website. We kindly ask you to read the Terms and conditions. In case you disagree with the Terms and conditions, do not use this website. Given the case you use this website, your action indicates that you agree to respect the Terms and conditions.

Conditions of using the website

Except the previously mentioned cases in this contract, the content of this website cannot be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, posted or transmitted under any circumstances, without the prior written consent of Digital-Life-Solutions.com. The distribution or copying of the pages’ content that this site contains is not allowed for any third party but not limiting for the caching content of this site. The individual download of the content of each page of this site is allowed, for noncommercial purpose and through mentioning the source. It’s also allowed to keep a transparent copy of the site for the purpose of its visualization only as long as you are connected to the internet.

Materials transmitted to the current site

Any material of information sent or published on this site, through any means, will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary, therefore can be used by Digital-Life-Solutions.com for any purpose, not limited at development or product marketing. It’s forbidden the publication or transmission to or from this site of illegal materials, threatening, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, and pornographic or other materials that may violate the laws of the country the site belongs to.

Limitation of responsibility

The materials and content published on this site are offered “as is”, with no explicit or implicit guarantees of any sorts, including guarantees of adequacy for commercial purpose, guarantees of respecting the copyright or adequacy guarantees for any specific purpose. Digital-Life-Solutions.com is absolved in all cases of responsibility for any damage (including but without limiting at damages such as profit loss, ceasing activity, losing information) that happen due to using or the impossibility of using materials, even if Digital-Life-Solutions.com has been informed about the possibility of such damages’ appearance.

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