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Studierea si analizarea cuvintelor cheie

The study and analysis of keywords

When we talk about key words, we refer to one of the most important SEO factors. Research based on new key words, or betters ones, is a cornerstone for a correct and efficient SEO. When analyzing a key word we always take into account the local searches, competitors and the quality point.

Analiza website si popularitate

Website and popularity analysis

We analyze your website in order to understand the kind of audience that accesses your page and many other valuable information such as SEO optimization, the popularity of the website, its age and Google position.

Unelte de analiza

Analysis tools

Google algorithm has been through a lot of changes lately and it seems this will still be the case for a while, which is why we use web analysis tools and HTML validators to make sure that the website functions in normal parameters.

Campanii Bing

Bing Campaigns

The text commercials that appear above the natural searches, at Bing searches. Commercials, displayed by banners, video commercials (YouTube) and within mobile applications. It’s a website promotion method through which you can gain clients or sells even from the first month.

Campanii Adwords

Adwords Campaigns

We create AdWords campaigns focused on two directions: firstly, an AdWords campaign through banners and secondly a remarketing AdWords campaign. In both cases we can organize the campaigns either on CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per mile). The AdWords campaigns tell us more exactly what’s working and what’s not so that we can make decisions to improve and make our campaigns more efficient. It helps us invest better the budget and to fain better results.

Monitorizare si evaluare

Monitoring and evaluation

Google Analytics will help us constantly keep an eye on the established objectives and will allow us to analyze valuable data. We are up to date and we have access to the latest and most efficient tools for monitoring and measuring the performance of the online marketing campaigns! With Google AdWords you get to your potential clients exactly when they need the promoted service or product and hence your sells number will grow.

Alte metode de promovare

Other promotion methods

We establish, together with you, the goals of the campaign and we dedicate ourselves to achieving them. We will offer solutions both for improving the campaign and for the improvement of the overall site.

Monitorizare rezultate si raportare

Monitoring of results and reports

We monthly report you: the used budget, the number of clients gained through the usage of campaigns, the click rate, the number of visitors, the number of visualizations that the messages had and so on.

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