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The term of SEO services should mean the same thing as ensuring a long-term place amongst the Google top 5 (or Yahoo, Bing and so forth).
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Do you believe you have the best products or services? Do you want them to sell like hotcakes? This means that you need people to find out of your products’ existence. And where do they search? That’s right, on Google. Therefore, let us assist you to get where you truly want through SEO optimization services.

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We combine SEO optimization services with design and programming so that you don’t have to work with several companies at the same time and struggle managing the relation between them.


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Analiza cuvinte cheie

Keywords analyzes

The first step towards establishing these key words or phrases that will constitute the cornerstone for most of the searches that regard the addressed field then the SEO optimization of the pages begins, including the key words that resulted.

Optimizare continut website

Web content optimization

The entire web content needs to be optimized in accordance with the SEO principles. The domain needs to be a representative one and the titles of the pages have to contain key words. However, the content will not be adapted solely for Google. The visitor has to be convinced to share the page with his friends, the information that he already has. Also, for Google we optimize the meta-tags as well for a faster and more efficient indexing.

Optimizare imagini

Optimization of images

When everyone is assaulting you with online marketing ideas, return to simplicity and take a few steps in your clients’ shoes. How would you search for yourself? At this time probably the Google search engine pops in your mind, where many begin a search. Regardless if you’re a blogger, you write articles for an online publication or you are own a business in a virtual environment, you surely came across the question: “should I add an image next to the written content?” The answer is “yes”. Images contribute to a livelier user experience and they also bring organic traffic through the Google image searches but in order for this to happen they need to be accurately optimized.

Configurare instrumente

Configuration of instruments

Before investing any sort of effort in SEO optimization for a website, the configuration of certain instruments is required, instruments that include traffic monitoring systems as well as the ability to detect errors such as: Google Analytics, Search Console, SEO Yoast and many others.

Optimizare structura linkuri

Link structure optimization

Too often the structure of a site does not get the attention it deserves although it represents one of the most essential aspects of the SEO performance of a site. Unfortunately, few are those who understand what the structure of a site that offers its visitors information as fast as possible and improves therefore the SEO optimization is. We can assist you when it comes to this.

Optimizare viteza de incarcare a site-ului

The optimization of the loading speed of the site

The loading speed of a website is a factor that makes a difference between sites in Google. We help you use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) and various other tools that help you get to a superior speed from that of your competitors.

Rich Snippet

Rich Snippet

Rich Snippet helps you get a higher click rate and to offer further information about your products directly in Google. We develop click optimizations on your website and the growth of your popularity on Google.


Servicii SEO OFF Page
Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

At this stage all of the actions take place outside the website and they have as a final purpose gathering as many quality links as possible, in a natural manner. If done frequently, Guest Blogging on popular websites from your niche, can help you build your online reputation and trust and to offer potential to your blog and clients.

Inscrieri in motoare de cautareInscrieri in motoare de cautare

Search engine sign-ups

Web directories are essential and they work as link lists or sorted catalogues depending on the topic. They appeared from the times when search engines didn’t have such a great importance and they weren’t so relevant, however, nowadays search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have classified the directories, therefore becoming the main guide that connects the internet user with the websites that contain similar topics with the search he made.

Link building

Link building

The backlinks and references that we gather from other sites are the real proof that the page truly matters. If a huge relevant site or dozens of other less meaningful ones from the niche have backlinks to you, it only means that your site is appreciated by third parties as well.

Comunicate de presa

Press Release

Make sure that the information gets to the targeted audience. Press releases represent the most flexible online promotion solution – because, first of all, a press release can attract new clients, depending on the propagation channels. Secondly, it represents the most natural method of SEO promotion (the most feasible solution to go up within the search engines).



A podcast is a show/ transmission or a text in digital format, recorder or saved in a digital format such as PDF and afterwards posted on the internet. This transmission of digital content of any kind can be downloaded by anyone that wants to or who has access to that specific download URL, through the public site of the producer or through the subscription to the RSS flux of that specific podcast.

Creare video de prezentare

Creation of presentation videos

More than half of the internet users work with video materials when they take the buying decision. That’s why video materials transmit a promotional message better and faster than any other form of content.

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